Parallel Distributed Infrastructure for Minimization of Energy

ParaDIME participates in the new FET Coordination Action Project ICT-Energy

Mon, 2013-10-28

ParaDIME coordinator BSC is one of ten partners participating in the new coordination action entitled "ICT-Energy" that had the "kick-off" meeting on 23 October in Heidelberg, Germany. 

The meeting was hosted by Prof. Vincent Heuveline and his group. All the 10 partners were present in the kick-off of this EC funded project. Most of the partners were involved either with the existing “Toward Zero-Power ICT” community organized within the ZEROPOWER C.A. or the novel FET-proactive program “MINECC” (Minimising energy consumption of computing to the limit).

The ten partners are:

1 (Coordinator) NiPS Laboratory, Università di Perugia
2 Roskilde University
3 University Heidelberg
4 Barcelona Supercomputing Center
5 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
6 Aalborg University - Denmark
7 Hitachi Europe Limited
8 University of Bristol
9 University of Glasgow
10 University College Cork, National University of Ireland