Parallel Distributed Infrastructure for Minimization of Energy

ParaDIME @ HiPEAC CSW, 2015

Wed, 2015-09-23

ParaDIME was invited to present its results related to Power and Energy estimation at the System-Level at the TACLe Thematic Session. Link to the talk: This talk was well attended by 55 people from 34 different institutions.


Abstract of the talk:

This talk was about the work done in the ParaDIME FP7 project about how to design and implement energy-aware computing and power estimation at the system-level for various types of low-power processors prototypes and to help improving energy efficiency of future computing systems. Power and energy consumption of processors are steadily increasing and the work performed by them at the data centers is not proportional to the power dissipated, where every µA is a revenue for the entity. On the one hand, the hardware community is proposing various methodologies to address this issue such as low-power processors, heterogeneity, etc. to reduce the power of the servers. On the other hand, the system software community proposes mechanisms such as virtual machines (VMs), work-load scheduling, etc. to increase the utilization of the processor. To properly evaluate the impact of these mechanisms, we need a fast and accurate power estimation tool at the system-level.


The link of the video will updated soon.