Parallel Distributed Infrastructure for Minimization of Energy

Université de Neuchâtel (Unine)

The University of Neuchatel (UniNE, was founded in 1838. It is one of the top

research universities in Switzerland in various scientific domains. Most notably, it is embedded in the local R&D tissue centered on microelectronics and nanotechnologies including the Institute of Microengineering (IMT-EPFL) and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM). The University has a strong experience in participating in European projects. In the present project proposal, the University of Neuchâtel is represented by the Dependable Systems and Networks group, part of the Computer Science Department ( The current activities of these groups focus on concurrent programming, distributed systems, cloud computing, dependability and security. Its members publish regularly in major international conferences and journals. The UniNE researchers have a long-standing record of publications in the filed of research addressed by ParaDIME. Please refer to the Web pages of the group for a complete list of relevant publications.