Parallel Distributed Infrastructure for Minimization of Energy


Technical Approach

The final outcome of the ParaDIME Project will be a full system stack including novel architecture components based on “beyond the state-of-the-art” technology, a programming environment and execution framework for energy-efficient execution of concurrent applications. This will contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact caused by the energy consumption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Unused computing resources should ideally consume no power and applications will be dynamically mapped to a set of cores or accelerators that correspond to an optimal trade-off between computing performance and energy efficiency. As multiple applications will share the same infrastructure, the placement of tasks will dynamically evolve over time.

To show a proof-of-concept for this infrastructure, we will run several real-world power-hungry applications from different domains that cover a wide spectrum of requirements and trade-offs. These applications will enable us to stress test the complete infrastructure, from the programming language down to hardware, encompassing compilers, libraries, and operating systems.